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Idakiri (“Eastern Bulletin”)


The Yearbook of the Estonian Oriental Society – since 2011 “Idakiri” (“Eastern Bulletin”) – has been published since 2006. Idakiri is a double-blind peer-reviewed periodical annual journal with an international editorial board and international circulation. The journal publishes original studies, translations with comments, reviews, surveys of published literature, publications dedicated to anniversaries and commemoration and other pieces related to various fields of oriental studies. The articles published in Idakiri are written in Estonian, with English titles and abstracts appended to the end of each volume. In addition to texts by scholars writing in Estonian, texts given by non-Estophone scholars for being translated are published in the journal. The target readership of the journal includes all those proficent in reading Estonian and interested in Oriental studies. The journal is published in print, earlier volumes except the last one are accessible on the Idakiri homepage (please see below). 

Idakiri welcomes all-round contributions on topics related to contemporary as well as historical Asia, such as articles focusing on history, religion, literature, music, politics, etc. In addition articles that treat relations between Estonia and the orient, the history of the study of Asian countries in Estonia and related topics are cordially welcome.  There are no fees or charges for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials. Authors will not receive royalties. Idakiri does not publish ads. The journal content is archived in the National Library of Estonia’s digital archive DIGAR and on the homepage of Idakiri (please scroll below).

Editor-in-chief: Tarmo Kulmar, tarmo.kulmar@ut.ee

Managing editor: Indrek Ude, indrek.ude@akad.ee

Address: Ülikooli 18-226, Tartu 50090

Editorial board:  Alari Allik (Tallinn University), Peeter Espak (University of Tartu), Helen Geršman (Tallinn University), Andres Herkel (University of Tartu), Gao Jingyi (Beijing International Studies University, China), Andreas Johandi (University of Tartu), Tarmo Kulmar (University of Tartu), Märt Läänemets (Estonian Academy of Security Sciences), Indrek Park (University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA), Jaan Puhvel (University of California, Los Angeles, USA),  Jinseok Seo (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Republic of Korea), Teet Toome (University of Tartu), Ülo Valk (University of Tartu) 

Guidelines for Authors (in Estonian)

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

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The publication of Yearbook of the Estonian Oriental Society “Idakiri” is financially supported by the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

ISSN 1736-5007


Past volumes, since 2008 with English abstracts (current volume is not available online!):